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The Best Choice For Safety ANJ Solution

ANJ Solution is a disaster safety management solution company with a lot of experience in disaster safety management, especially traffic safety. Through the latest AI/deep learning technology and long-term accumulated S/W know-how, we are protecting the safety of many people today.

ANJ Product #1

AADS (Acoustic Accident Detection System)

It is a system that analyzes the high-pitched sound (collision, explosion, skid, etc.) accompanying an accident with a deep learning-based algorithm, determines whether there is an accident in real time, and notifies vehicles that will enter the accident area in advance. It supports rapid accident handling through real-time accident detection and prevents possible secondary accidents in the future.

ANJ Product #2

ATMS (Advanced Tunnel traffic Management System)

It is a solution that controls sensing controllers (CCTV, emergency call, VDS, etc.) and display controllers (emergency broadcast, VMS, LCS, etc.) in the tunnel. We present how to monitor traffic conditions in tunnels and efficiently manage facilities/equipment.


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